Sunday, November 30, 2008

recenty so busy busy busy

aisk..short sem so fast now already week 3 week 4 coming d... exam coming soon
assignment exam ...bla bla bla
so bored....
n recently working working n choice work for money...
christmas coming soon....i think uk must be very cun during christmast night.
but i know someone stupid in uk wont miss his family nvm
caz u jus will concern on someone
but we r different with u caz we stil care abt u.
jus u left us behind.
so hate u!i rather u din come back last time.REGRET!
nvm tat is ur choice.up to u jus sasy merry christmast in advance to u ...

well my life...only so so so....but happy to know a gang of new fren tat we work together for that event
nice to meet u all,i know we still got a lot of chance work together kaka
see u all in 6 of dec ya

miss daddy n mummy...i know u all coming down soon
mum fast come down prepare a special chrismast present for u d

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