Tuesday, April 28, 2009


dono y, early in the morning already not in a good mood d..somemore the presentation..
dono ... but i know recently will b very busy! i had already prepare to face it already wat! then y stil moody...really dont understand...
but who can help me bring away this kind of mood?

i know i stil gt a lot pic to be uploaded..but really bz la...pls be patient ya...
so sorry my fren..i wil post it as soon ya...from pg til now not yet finish post the pic...caz our activity keep going...non stop.... so the pic become more n more n more...
sorry sorry...i wil faster Gao Dim it!!


  1. moody?? maybe the weather~
    recently weather keep changing~
    qi xiao liao~~
    but, we oso have to face it!!
    btw, thanks ur bday wishing!!
    waiting ur new pics

  2. Take more water la!!! If not, tat will easy to sick de.... Relax leh!!!

  3. dream:
    aisk..really dono y haha..mayb also someone i fedup also keep appear in front of me haha
    i wil updated soon wait ya

    ya la take more water..my dragon also ya u pls take a gd care on my dragon n urself ya

  4. ya ya ya thanks for ur support ya
    i do love ur blog also...