Monday, April 6, 2009

shit university n lousy management!

walao...wat is that kind of uni? wat kind of management...
today i going to pay my tuition fees...for third sem..
ok..enter into the finance...well only 5 ppl. i though it wont take much time..
mana tau...more than 45 minute...
ok then gt one student with hers dad..coming to pay tuition fees too..the uncle use the personal check to pay the tuition fees but the finance reject to accept. and say u should go to CIMB bank ..not here..well that uncle say...student admin ask him go to CIMB bank , CIMB bank ask him come to finance ask him go back to CIMB where should he go?
i jus can heard that he keep scolding wat kind of management is this? systematic? multimedia? haha...
ok wait n wait n wait...finally my turn...
feel a bit syok d my turn d..
i telling the malay gal staff that i wan pay my tuition fee she told me the figure..well i asking her the figure include wat fees..she say tuition fees , lib fees, n IT fees..i say ok...
i was paying it by credit card..after the receipt come out n i had sign she jus told me oo...stil include ins.fees.!!
wat!!! insurance fees???
few month ago i already sumbit my insurance policy to mmu stil include the fees?
then she jus ask me go to the building that located at plaza swiswa...
okok i damn hot d..
go to there...n show my receipt n ask how come stil body bothering me...those gals malay staff jus keep talking with a sales man( malay) selling perfume...damn~~~
i jus straight walk in n ask y my ins fee stil include...i already sumbit my ins policy..long time ago..
she ask me how long u means?i say can count by month...long enough?
she jus looking into my receipt..n ask me go back sumbit again the policy to them...
OMG! y should i submit again... i just straight tell her i do submit already y should i submit again...u though i very free keep ask my dad post tat thing to me???
she jus asking another guy staff...did he notice that any one name of XXX sent the policy then he say he din remember( of course thing like suck how can remember)
then...he jus say no copy at i need to sent back one copy to them...i was super hot tat time..straight tell her..i do submit my if u all lost it..that is not my business.. is urs responsibility toward this thing...i wont submit again~!
that guy come to me n take one form ask me fill on...that is the refund form...ask me fill in...ok after i fill in he say..take this form n submit to finance.
i jus asking wat? i still need to submit to finance myself? then he jus say okok nvm i wil submit for u~ damn...

if next time i paying my fees i din see this rm55 inside my acc..then he will know!
mmu!!!shit~ lousy management..

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  1. haha~~
    sure like that d la!!
    Malay ma~
    start from secondary skul alr knew it~ mgmt like shit d~