Wednesday, July 22, 2009

First time blogging in office~ ^^

today ~ 22 of july 09
y so free blogging for this moment?
izit too free? lo act i do have quite a lot of thing to do...
but due to the system for the computer ,meeting some internal problem~
be4 the ppl come n set the connection...everything being normal..
after they come n " REPAIR N MAINTENANCE " liao ...then everything get KI SIAO d
open a folden need a more than 5 minunte!
good~ ..wait n wait n wait
after the SPC system...also wait n wait n wait...
printing sys connection.... getting SOT SOT ..a while say error..a while say not connected.. wat the hell..
ok..meaning that i cant do anything for the moment...
no UBS no TAX i can blogging now~
n FB-ing~
hope tomorrow the ppl can come early n set this thing~ if not how can i finish my thing wor...
well, now already 5.20 pm...wana go back d..back at 7.00pm..yeah yeah si beh happy!
whole office bk at 7pm
the most early day that we back is 7pm!!!
so tired for that~ aisk!


  1. haha XD
    syok wor~~
    then how was ur pc le?
    done alr?

  2. dream: syok a...erm...the job stil need to continue by tomoorow same wat..nth diff haha