Saturday, September 12, 2009

R3c0^er frOm Sick

First to say that:
thanks for all my fren n buddy that always concern me for the past few day while i sick!
really touch!
ok~ again 1 week c 3 doctor~ it heard weird rite? but i do this weird thing @@
wel...finally around 1 week i recover from sick...but it doesnt because of d 10 medicine~
but it bcaz of someone caring me while i am sick~ purposely come n take care me 4 d 9....
take off to take care me~ ^^ touch!!! n love~!!muaks
for d whole day i bother him...trouble him...
cooking liang teh for me~ try to TAM me drink all d liang teh~
even the liang teh look so geli..n black...= but while i drink it...i feel so sweet n so warm~
n he seems like can read my mind...he know wat i wan to eat for tat moment...i jus thinking on my mind...n tat food appear in front of me!
n again n again...force by him to c doctor...morning c 1...evening c 1....after tat stil need to eat medicine! n no ice-cream...bla bla bla...
but at least he let me eat a chicken wings~ SATISFIED!!
after that few day for medicine~ my fever...blablabla...all recover...
jus left the gastric problem~ but it will get fix soon ya ...


  1. wa~~
    u must take good k ya!!
    eat so many medicine~

  2. orang jahat kena makan banyak ubat baru ngam!!!!

  3. haha..jenny but i din take d medicine also~ i jus drink liang teh that cook by my hub

  4. congrat,bel..
    finally u gt ur hubby d..
    so sweet..
    hope u 2 hapiness 4ever..
    take care bel..