Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bitch Women~

hey u ...stupid idiot bitch...u know u r d only 1 of d gal...i can scold u bitch n keep scolding u bitch...from last time til now! caz u really bitch la...damn it. how can ur face so thick, n being so cheap ? omg...i shame for ur parents...ops no is ur mum! u = as a bread...roti betul la..sial~ like to pretending all d! take a mirror n look ur stupid pretending face~ make me feel to vomit!
u better stand far la..really tak malu...
i wrote this out caz i know u wil b seeing this~ this is only for u ! n special for u...!


  1. wah....dun b so angry!!
    calm down....

  2. joen : no choice she make me fucking hot~ @@