Monday, March 1, 2010

1st day exam~

monday tuesday wed....yoho...i am free from exam d!!!
but today only monday~ @@
means tat i stil got 2 more day to go..
in another way...2 more times to die gao gao ..
after die wil b reborn again..tat is gd another new day wil b there waiting for me
Sgpore..Genting ..trip? oh yeah~ which wan?
hsbm gathering...shuld i go? aiyoyo..thin twice first..dono got to work bo..
alla..exam i stil so free to blogging caz i really nt in d mood to study those sub ! hate it
faster thursday pls!
holiday here i come~


  1. i wanna go for holiday.....
    but cant.... shit....
    this two week will be busy til april... bird bird la...

  2. 阿茶弟弟 : working are diff finish my exam yuho.....happy finally can hav a gd tight slp