Friday, April 17, 2009

gals trip ...---to...Genting!

you wil never know how nice for a trip that without guys ~ only for gals!!!

well, another nice trip for us be4 we start our training ...caz after that we will busy like crazy.
four gals, form a trip to genting~
sping obj ...wana meet some YAN YU ? erm..did she achieve it ?
ep obj ...wana away frm house, wan relax..wan freedom , rite? ( casino her target also)
jxin obj ...wana go out v us more often be4 she training, if not no chance..( casino also)
bel obj ...wana enjoy the time together v fren... wana go for fun ..wana save memory for us
joey obj ...put u din see her in tis pic...( accd bf)

but act..someone join our trip out of our expected .
pigpapa obj...bring for pretty gal from pudu to genting...yeah yeah....( u r so gd ) proposely take off bring us go..thanks~ n thanks for help me to get that DRAGON! but pls
be reminded o..that DRAGON is belongs to ME! blek~

to be continue ......


  1. Tat DRAGON so pity now, it can not find the masters of the poor... Haha i told it dy.... It will meet his masters b4 her b'hday de....

  2. duno everytime my frens n me plan to travel oso will be cancelled~
    damn sien~
    c urs all gals travel together so happy~

  3. Ya! Y tat day u don join 2gether de?